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Hi, I'm Megan.

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Group Coaching Circle

What better way to Make Your Life Amazing than by creating your amazing life with an intimate circle of positive and powerful conscious creators?


Join us for a 3 month conscious creation group coaching circle lead by Megan.


Make Your Life Amazing! is a process to engage in activities, exercises and deep powerful coaching that WILL support you in consciously creating the life you truly want to be living. You will walk away knowing what you want to create and having the tools you need to consciously create it.


Some of what you’ll get out of MYLA’s Conscious Co-creation Coaching Circle:

A clear VISION for your amazing life that will serve as a map to creating all that you want to do, be, have and experience in this life.


You’ll be a part of a positive, vibrant community of powerful creatives, entrepreneurs and other conscious co-creators.


A mindset shift that includes releasing those limiting beliefs that have been holding you back while embedding beliefs that will enable you in manifesting even more of what you are creating- we’re talking deep work here at that will break up old patterns on the physical, cellular, mental and energetic levels while creating new ones!


Greater ease and flow in all that you are creating. As well, during the course of our three month journey and after, you will already have created parts of your vision and more of what you are ready to do, be, have and experience in your life.


A conscious co-creation care package for each participant (I love to share gifts with meaningful transformative impact so this will be fun and a brand new offering from me ).


6 Recorded Guided Meditations that will support you in grounding, creating greater ease and flow and a deeper sense of joy and freedom in your daily life.


You’ll also become a lifetime member of our private conscious co-creation facebook club.


And you’ll get 9 powerful deep group coaching sessions as well as one individual deep dive coaching session to support you as you move beyond your own edge and continue creating your dream life/vision.


Numerous tools and techniques to continue to support you in deepening your ability to consciously co-create and bring your dreams into being while eliminating blocks that have limited you in the past.


To learn how to apply email or call Megan at: or 336-462-8071


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